Tim Searle

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Hello 👋 My name is Tim, I’ve been developing for Apple platforms since 2011!

I’m incredibly passionate about building applications that put the user experience first - details matter! Interested in securing mobile applications, user data and respecting user privacy.

Currently working on:

  • 🔨 Building Altilium - an iOS application written predominantly in SwiftUI that helps cardiac physiologists optimise the energy outputs of batteries in pacemakers
  • 👾 Maintaining emul8080r - an Intel 8080 emulator written in Swift

Older projects:

  • Euclid - Great-circle mathematics helper library for working easily with Core Location
  • Bind - A lightweight implementation of reactive type that you can subscribe to and transform values in a simple stream. An extremely simple way to introduce new engineers to functional reactive programming.

🧗🏻‍♂️If I’m not writing code, I’m rock climbing! Can often be found lurking around London’s many climbing walls.