• Accessing private GitHub repositories within GitHub Actions

    Generally, GitHub Actions is incredibly simple when interacting with private repositories, either through the GITHUB_TOKEN or through creation a Personal Access Token. However, when the tools that your GitHub Action interacts with require to authenticate, injecting that personal access token can become challenging.

  • Automatic app version increments with Xcode Cloud using custom build scripts

    Using Swift to write custom build scripts in Xcode Cloud

  • Adding support for Apple App Site Association files to Jekyll

    It’s pretty common for an iOS app these days to support universal links, iCloud credentials, App Clips and other functionality related to the Associated Domains entitlement. The tricky part can sometimes be that you don’t have a website or hosting to host the required apple-app-site-association file for the Apple CDN to pull.

  • Navigating Text Fields in SwiftUI

    As part of my recent development efforts on Altilium, I wanted to remove my dependency on using the SwiftUI-Introspect library to access the underlying UITextField that back the SwiftUI TextField. The reason I was using the library was because, at the time (iOS 14), there was no first-party support in SwiftUI for either adding a Toolbar to the keyboard or customising the focus state of the TextField in the form.

  • iMessage Apps and Stickers

    With the release of iOS 10, iMessage Apps are here - the prospect of iMessage apps is innovative, interesting and powerful, and they are being undervalued.

  • Peer-to-Peer Networking on Mobile

    Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking has become increasingly ubiquitous in today’s panoply of technology buzzwords. From the classic BitTorrent protocol, to modern cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin; we are beginning to see a resurgence in the popularity of P2P technologies and I believe that this is being fuelled by a need to communicate and exchange information at a faster rate and perhaps more naturally using our mobile devices.

  • ResearchKit

    ResearchKit is Apple’s latest philanthropic contribution to the technology world.